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FAQ’s – Insulation in Fort Collins, Colorado and area

Q. Will insulation affect my home’s comfort?

A. Yes – you won’t have to strain your heater or your air conditioner to have a nice temperature. Insulation helps with both staying cool in the summer and warm in the winter. The efficiency it synchronizes with your HVAC system saves money and maximizes comfort.

Q: What does insulation help with besides the temperature?

A:  For one, it helps with sound proofing. Spray foam, Blown-in fiberglass, and batt all reduce sound transmission, from both inside and the outside of your home. For stopping drafts, look into sealing along with insulation projects. And insulation definitely helps with temperature comfort.

Q. Will it help my utility bills?

A. Air gaps in a house along with poor insulation (same for a commercial building) may increase utility bills by 15% or more. It also causes more stress and more hours of run time on your heating and cooling systems. Insulation designed and installed correctly plus air sealing is a terrific way to conserve energy, prevent waste, increase comfort, and last but not least, save money!

Q: What age homes typically have insulation?

A: Houses built before 1940 likely won’t have insulation. If it does, it may need improvement (including clearing the old insulation.) So that beautiful classic craftsman home you have your eyes on might not have to be drafty after all! It works best to insulate during construction, but there are many techniques to add insulation into an existing home.

Q. Does insulation help the environment?

A. It is one of the best steps you can take to reduce the energy needs in your home, which benefits your community and the general environment. Yes, insulation makes your heating and cooling more efficient and so minimizes emissions.

Q. What does it do to resale value?

A. When you can tell possible buyers that your home (or commercial building) is insulated with top-quality materials to an “R factor” that is effective in the frigid Fort Collins winters – that is a great selling point. And you will be able to show the dollar amount improvement in your utility bills and quantify the benefit.

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